Digital Marketing

Forging durable bonds between your brand and its digital excellence through product-centered digital marketing.

Digital Marketing

Forging durable bonds between your brand and its digital excellence through product-centered digital marketing.

Solutions for digital marketing

Digital Marketing of variety, utility, service, and access.

The convenience and connectedness of the digital world are no longer just a nice thing to have. Digital marketing is in the center of customer experience. Digital marketing and services provide a wide variety of utility, service, and access to information in ways never seen before. To explore these opportunities, it is to be at the top of the game, realization is to thrive in excellence.

Digital Marketing Trends – A World of Excitement and Growth

This shift in digital marketing presents a challenge for companies and also an opportunity. Agency Novelus is an experienced company of colorful minds, creative, mindsets and youthful energy. Empowering our partners in the digital world of marketing, we expand the service beyond physical stands and shops, shifting them into a world of excitement and growth. From websites, apps, social media management, Google Adwords, Linkedin advertising, we help our partners create a digital presence, which is felt throughout the digital space, amplifying their business in most creative, new ways.


Systematic and deliberate marketing

Fast and mindlessly you can go on your own. Digital products allow us to know the customer better than before. However, the needs of users can be far more elusive. Knowing what exactly a customer wants is more than just a prediction. We implement advanced analytics to understand the behavior, needs, and wishes of customers. This, in turn, allows us to make informed decisions which will generate excellent user experience and revenue.


The key to a successful digital marketing strategy is to know the landscape we are entering. We ensure tangible data for our clients which include research into the digital space of their field, defining ups and downs, elaborating on goals and KPIs and competition analysis.

Planning for effective marketing

Planning without knowledge is a bound-to-fail effort. Together with our clients, we go through the analysis and plan our digital marketing strategy. Planning is the first and most important function of effective management. Planning provides direction where the objectives are defined in simple and clear words. This is to ensure that together we go in the same direction and to eliminate risks of uncertainties.


The next step is to implement the marketing plan we constructed with our clients. Again, we review the plan to make sure we are on the same page. Creating a vision of implementing the strategic plan is the next step. Defining goals to be reached and letting everyone know what the end result should be. An expert team takes over the implementation with regular informative communication with our clients.

Regular Optimisation

To be excellent, a digital project must be monitored, optimized and regularly maintained. This is the key to our success. The digital landscape can be unpredictable, changes can occur over night. That is why our devoted team of experts keeps regular check with project progress and implements necessary changes. Changes that are strategically planned and bring proven positive results.

Specific services we offer our partners

Google Adwords Advertising

Providing top places among search results, maximum exposure on Google Display Network, ultimate branding through Youtube network, useful insights with Google Analytics, and high-return Remarketing.

Yandex Online Advertising

Yandex search engine is the Russian internet search engine with more than a 60 % share of all searches on the market. It is the world’s fourth largest search engine with more than 150 million daily searches.

Baidu Online Advertising

We enable advertising on the search engine Baidu, the largest Chinese search engine with a 90 % share of the Chinese internet users.

Website Analysis

Working towards up to more business, with a site that speaks to a visitor personally and relates to a specific page and services/product. Deep analysis enables us to gain insights on how the user uses the website, thus we know how to adapt or improve your website.

Keyword Analysis

With assigned tools, we check the appropriate keywords for your product/service from users at different stages of the buyer’s journey. We obtain the most current information on the number of monthly or daily searches on search engines, competitiveness, cost per click, monthly trends and projections for the future.

Competition Analysis

When we plan activities to achieve objectives, the analyses of competition at top 10 rankings on Google search engine are suitable. They provide information about top rankings of the specific keyword and assist in determining whether that keyword is suitable “to attack”.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO or website optimization is a complex set of procedures, which always starts with research. The keywords on which to build the whole process of optimisation should be based on wishes and objectives of our partner.

Inbound Marketing

The ability to share the vital. Inbound marketing operates accordingly to this principle. By creating quality and useful content inbound attracts people with great purchase potential who establish a relationship and want to return. Agency Novelus is proud to be a HubSpot Certified Partner Agency.

Email Marketing

Soliciting customers and potential new customers via email is proven, but still far from being an ineffective tool. Due to the exceptional transparency of the recipient’s database and the possibility of precise analysis of the behavior of the recipient, the solicitations via emails are good and almost indispensable.

Our case studies speak for themselves. See how we put our digital knowledge into practice.

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