140th anniversary BERLITZ

Client: Berlitz

Year: 2018




The Goal

The main goal of the campaign was to present Berlitz’s 140-year-old story and the role of language integration through Berlitz’s language programs. Berlitz offers its customers an advantage as a moment of connection. In line with big celebration, when enrolling in various courses, Berlitz offered a discount of 140 euros for entries by the end of February.


140th anniversary campaign

When Maximilian D. Berlitz 1878 introduced the revolutionary Berlitz method®, he changed the way of teaching foreign languages. Berlitz celebrates its 140th anniversary in 2018. On the 140th birthday, the main challenge was to present the celebration of an enviable anniversary through the role of language integration, presenting the wide range of language training programs and gain new customers.

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn

We advertised on social media, communicating the anniversary and targeting B2C on Facebook and business programs on Linkedin. Multiple formats were used: promoted posts, textual ads, canvas, carousel.


Billboard, poster, social media

Key visual was created globally, but we had the challenge to adjust it to the local market. Main materials were for outdoor campaign, including billboards, city lights, Supremes and POS posters. We adjusted also several different formats for social media and designed emailing.


Digital Marketing


Digital marketing included Google advertising, LinkedIn and Facebook ads, emailing and adjustments on campaign landing page. We added additional call-to-action button and optimize content for optimum search and advertising results.

Media Buying


140 anniversary campaigns were present on OOH, Digital and Radio. On outdoor, we arranged ads on billboards, Supremes and City lights. Surfaces were in the neighborhood of Berlitz learning centers. Outdoor was supported with radio campaign on Radio Center and Radio Aktual. Online, we targeted to gain campaign landing visits and inquiry.

Digital Media


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