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Client: DPD Slovenia

Year: 2018




The Goal

For our client DPD Slovenia we organized a multi-day event in nature. It was dedicated to the inspiration of leaders and team members who had a great opportunity to meet, exchange ideas, inform each other about achievements or challenges and most importantly strenghten teamwork and collaboration among CEE countries.


What We Did

For this purpose we have prepared a special  design.

The visuals are handsome, modern and they give an impression of of seriousness and business on the other hand. We wanted to connect the whole event visually. The style is modern, fresh, slightly bold, and above all minimalist with clean lines. We selected the basic visual that completes and continues throughout the whole event. The red color, which is typical of DPD, was upgraded in the form of a gradient (it turns from a vivid red to dark red). As a business event, we chose two business figures, a woman and a man. Woman image appears as an overarching element of design. Given the fact that we have split gifts on the basis of sex, separate visions have come to the fore in particular. We used a white font on a red background. Also, elements of the letters are added, which appear on a visual in a dynamic rhythm.




For notes during the workshops we prepared special blocks. The materials are designed in the style of the event. We prepared notebooks where the participants were able to record important information during the conference. Men received notebooks with a male visual and women with a depicted business woman.


Welcome Flyer

We welcomed the participants with a welcome flyer. On the smaller flyer, besides the address, there is a whole program and hours of important events. So important information is collected in one place.

DPD oglas
Wellness Flyer


Wellness Flyer

We want to allow a relaxation after the adrenalin downhill zipline-om or rafting. For this purpose, we provided discounts for massage in the spa center. We have created a discount card. The visually red thread of the event continues, and it was supplemented only by the humorous upgrade of our business woman, who was more relaxed this time.


Memory Stick

For memory, participants could take memory magnets home. Visually separated from the male and female visuals with the attribution of the place and time of the event, the magnets will continue to draw attention to the pleasant moments that the participants spend together for a long time.

Memory Stick
Mojito Coctail


Recipe Flyer

At the social event, refreshing drinks must not be missed. For this purpose we have prepared a recipe for Mojito cocktail. In a relaxed atmosphere, the participants competed in the preparation of a drink according to a prescripted recipe, which was located on a shaped leaflet.

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