Client: E2E

Year: 2016 – present




Our mission

After discussing the current position of the company, their opportunities and goals, we started developing a digital presence plan. Key factor to our later success of the campaigns was, besides well thought out strategy and a professional execution, constant dialogue between us and the client. This helped us to make sure that every step that we planned and executed, was in line with client’s vision.


About the project

Company E2E offers a very high number of top quality products in heating and cooling industry. The problem was that not that many people knew about the company as it did not have an established online presence. Furthermore, their display of products was not clear and structured enough, for the average visitor of their website to fully understand what the company can offer to them.

To put it briefly, they offered top quality products and top quality customer service, but a below-par presentation of their company and products. Their customers – installers (B2B) and end customers (B2C) – were yet to find out about their excellent range of products and their top-notch service.

Website Development

Brand New Website

Without an established online presence not a lot of people knew about E2E and their offer of top quality products in heating and cooling industry. So based on our client’s wishes, given content and latest trends in design we began on creating a wireframe on which the website was built.

User experience had to be seamless and website available on any given device. Throughout the project we also included our SEO specialists to ensure that website is as easy to find as it is to use.

PPC Digital Advertising

Google Ads Advertising

A professional web presence goes beyond pretty design and appealing colors. It needs to be strategic and leave a positive first impression for people who have just discovered your business through advertising on Google Ads.

So for the past three years we managed and refined both website and Google Ads campaigns with target specific ads written target customers in mind to provide value for our client.

Google Ads oglaševanje

Social Network


Social media profiles and advertising offers a great way of reaching new customers and connecting with existing customers on a more personal level. With E2E we decided to get involved with Facebook to advertise business and their brand new website.

Multiple formats were used: promoted posts, textual ads, canvas, carousel.

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