GRAWE – One tree, one life

GRAWE – One tree, one life

Client: Grawe
Year: 2015-2017


What we did

Slovenia is one of the most forested countries in the world and the third most forested state of the European Union. 1,184,526 hectares of forest covers more than half of the country. An nationwide Ice storm devastated the counties national heritage and destroyed approximately 3.500.000 m3 of wood stock.


What The Client Needed

A development of a campaign based on social responsibility with the aim of increasing public awareness, activate the employees, include business partners and support NGO’s.

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Through the combination of emotions, understanding and perfect execution we helped our client achieve their goals.


The realization of a combined advertising campaign imbedded into a PR strategy layout. We opened a platform for a participation of non-governmental organizations, organized multiple press conferences focusing on raising the awareness for the protection of Slovenian forests. Together we planted over 4,000 new trees throughout Slovenia and generated a PR value of approximately 80.000 EUR.


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