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Client: Kovintrade d.d.

Year: 2018




Our mission

For this purpose, the Agency Novelus created a CGP event, in which we created an invitation to event, a carrying bag, a printed promotional material (a bottle and a sports towel), branded water and dried apple slices.


About the project

During the MOS Fair, on Thursday, September 13, 2018, the Kovintrade Business Meeting took place. The purpose of the event was to get closer and present to Kovintrade d. d. Celje, its position in the Celje region, Slovenia and beyond, where it represents 11 subsidiaries present within the European Union and beyond. The event was also an excellent opportunity to establish and strengthen business contacts, exchange of experience and business information.

Oblikovanje povabila in kuverte za poslovni dogodek

Direct mail

Invitation Letter

All of the strategically important partners of Kovintrade were invited to the business event, so we decided to do a printed version of the invitation, since we gave the event more weight and importance. For all elements of design, we have preserved and derived blue tones typical of Kovintrade. With blue bold lines, we indicated that these were steel bars, in which we added various information, such as day, place and time of the event.


Carrying Bags

For the purpose of the event we designed the carrying bags, which were received by all the participants at the end of the event. The content of the bag was filled with advertising catalog, practical gift and small delicacies, packaged for this purpose.

Oblikovanje promocijskih materialov za poslovni dogodek
Oblikovanje povabila in kuverte za poslovni dogodek


Packaged Goodies

At the event, the participants also enjoyed a lot of goodies. These were naturally packaged in packaging designed and printed for the purpose of the event. Thus, mini candy bar was served with coffee, while apple chips and water were available on the tables.

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