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Client: Kovintrade d.d.

Year: 2017 – 2018




Our mission

Data-driven creative development with a wide spectrum of strategic media channels, combined with a digital support infrastructure.


About the project

For the Kovintrade company, we carried out the first image campaign under the slogan “Steel commitment to quality”. The purpose of the campaign was primarily to promote the brand on one side and to approximate the final customers and present the sales program of metallurgy, cutting and technical programs on the other. Communication was directed to the professional public within the existing business environment of the Kovintrade Group and to the level of the general public, end customers (target group), especially men, employed for 25 – 55 years.

Various channels of classic and digital advertising were used.



Since billboards were generally placed along busy streets, it was guaranteed that people saw an ad. Therefore, people have noticed the billboards all over the land.  Throughout Slovenia we have advertised 85, particularly in the area of Ljubljana and Maribor. By advertising on billboards, we focused on B2B and B2C customers. For this reason, we made 6 different creatives. Two of these covered the heating technology program.

Medijski zakup - billboards
Kovintrade digitalno oglaševanje

Digital Media

Display Adverising

Banner advertising has been effective primarily in terms of increasing website visits. We placed the banner in a place where the related content, so the it was seen by the right target audience. Banner ads were displayed on portals:


Siol.net from 9.4. until 24.4.2018 (Business)
Bizi.si from 9.4. until 24.4.2018 (Industry) and
Bolha.com of 21.3. to 3.4.2018.


All together there were just under a million impressions.

Direct mail


We decided to send direct mail to 500 companies that are not yet Kovintrade business partners, but they work in the metal sector. Unlike sending digital mail, direct mail is tangible and is easier to read than on-screen content. For all these reasons, addresers require more time for direct mail, so the sales message can be more effective. Beside the perennial letter, we also enclosed the company’s leaflet.

Kovintrade dopis

Radio Advertisement


Radio allows businesses to coordinate campaigns with their geographic markets. Kovintrade is a global company, but we wanted to promote it primarily on the local market. With local radio stations, we covered the geographical locations, and at the same time, from the point of view of branding, we round off with ads on the national level. We advertised on radio stations:


Radio Styrian wave,
Center (national)


359 ads were broadcast in total.

Social media

Facebook Advertising

Kovintrade has a newly opened FB profile, so it was important that we promoted the campaign also through this channel, as this included the younger audience.

Kovintrade družbeni mediji

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