Client: Kurentovanje

Year: 2017


What We Did

When Ptuj tourism Institute approached us and told us they will need a partner for their 12 days 57. Carnival festival in Ptuj we knew we had a huge challenge in front of us. This kind of tradition has more than 100 years of history in this territory, and the shoes we were about to step in were very big. Our goal and mission was to create a marketing story that was related to history of Carnival festival in Ptuj, and also s story that would relate to new traditions, which people accept. We had to create such a good story that would bring more than 1.000 people to the night events in Carnival hall every day, for 12 days. And we did!


What The Client Needed

We started to communicate 4 months in advance, by using the strategy that the brand will be known well if it meets you for at least three times. First, we had only online communication with different triggers where we did not reveal a lot. Then, we continued with more information on billboards and radio advertising. Hand in hand we created the best PR story money could buy.



A4 Advertisement

We created a perfect A4 add which we have placed in some life style and local magazines. The content on this add was mostly representing different program on festival, where our main focus was to have different adds; one representing Slovenian musicians, one representing Croatian groups, other for children events etc. We divided the content related to our target group.

Digital Media


Because the festival was 12 days long we had to create a special web page, very close to a landing page. On this page we represented the whole program, groups and other performers. Also we connected this page to the platform where people could buy e-tickets for the whole festival.

Website Kurentovanje
Social Media Management

Social Media


We knew that having our own Facebook page was at most relevance because we knew that daily connection and communication with people is very important. There we had forecasts of different events, pictures from the events that had already happen etc. This platform became our main channel for communication. We had daily almost 100 messages asking us about the time of events, changes, content of the events etc. This was also our platform for publishing videos that we have created and live streaming of the events.

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