Fresh Corner

MOL Group Good Things Are Three

Client: MOL Group

Year: 2017


What We Did

For few past years we help MOL Slovenia find new ways how present new offer to its customers. Every opening is different story with the same challenge: we aimed to raise awareness of the Fresh Corner shop in specific local area. In past few years we created many creatives but there was not a single promotion without lovely hostess, degustation and prize game.


What The Client Needed

In line with the new market trends and within the scope of the new retail concept, the company MOL Slovenia in 2018 opened 34th service station with the Fresh Corner in Slovenia – one of the main features of MOL Group’s new shop concept, with special attention to coffee, fresh food and convenience goods. Fresh ideas were what it was needed!

MOL Fresh Corner Promotions


On The Spot

Lovely hostess greeted the guest at service station and offered him or her to taste Fresh Corner goods and sweets prepared for degustation, depended of station and their specific offer. And who does not love prize games? On small white balls there were printed different items. Guest won the prize if he or she pulled out a winning ball.

Social media

Facebook and Instagram

And We connected and extended 5 days of ON THE SPOT promotions with posts on SOCIAL MEDIA such are Facebook and Instagram. The result was higher participation in prize game at the gas station and higher engagements on post due to local boosted content. Millennials across a range of socioeconomic backgrounds share an increasingly valuable resource: their attention. We do not want to miss an opportunity to present clients work to plugged-in viewers.


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