MOL Lead Country

MOL Group Good Things Are Three

Client: MOL Group

Year: 2017


When designing materials for advertising in a very diverse and colorful area (SE Europe) it’s necessary to think of everything. We can’t ignore cultural differences, different opinions, and habits. Our goal was to find the golden mean – think broadly enough that these materials correspond to the needs of individual countries as well as the whole group, and narrow enough to properly address our key customer.


Several times a year we have a unique opportunity to showcase and demonstrate our creative side (as much as we can be in retail marketing). We were chosen as a ”Lead Country”, which means we get to design materials for the entire MOL group – we prepare materials for other countries to adapt locally (Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, etc.).

Mol Lead Country

Lead theme

Football & Beer

When we were creating materials, fortunate for us, football was very interesting (World Cup 2018). Football is a theme which successfully overcomes differences and connects people. We created materials with the football related motives, which recreated a vibrant atmosphere of watching the matches from the home couch – ideal for our key products.

Second lead theme

Football & Coffee

In the advertising related to the football championship, we must not forget our female audience. Through advertising, we suggested an alternative option to spend time during the World Cup in football, which only a small part of the female audience can resist: enjoying a conversation with a friend over a cup of good coffee.

Mol Lead Country
Mol Lead Country

Side theme


Next to football, we had a side-theme, with which we tried to bring the sense of carefree freedom while exploring the unknown to the target audience, which was excellent for the advertised product.

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