Client: Ourselves

Year: 2017


The Goals

The target was set! Let us not only change visually but let us also change in the new strategy towards our agency is heading. As a full service agency we divided our center into two groups – digital an marketing. One related to everything that goes on in virtual reality and digital world and other creating different content, PR and media stories that our clients like. All with one goal – to achieve bigger sells for our clients and to be the best partner they can have!


Agency Novelus

Agency Novelus was in 2017 celebrating its 10 years of existence on Slovenian and other markets where we are cooperating. This is when we decided to change our colors and to bring into our corporate design some new light and ideas. Our main challenge was, how to encounter into our logo different cultures, different minds and individuals that our agency has. Here is where the idea of Colorful minds was created! And, although we are colorful and we are different we all think a like – to create the best stories and to implement the best marketing strategies for our clients.

The first step of every successful campaign.

We asked our clients, how do they see us and if they could describe us what words would they use. This is where we created a visual idea on how we should be seen from now on!

We did not start with development, until there was a well-made sitemap, website mockup and a timeline in place.
Planning and coordination

We created the best story from which we came up with a slogan – Colorful minds. From here on our strategy was to change our clothing part after part, starting by our main functional part – the hearth of the agency, our logo.

Design, website development, establishing social media pages and more.

From slogan and logo we went towards changing our visual identity on the web, social media and other identity elements from which we are recognized from.

After the initial steps were implemented, the job only begun.

Except for the slogan, we all now that when it comes up to working something for marketing experts it is always a never ending process. So, this is why we changed our branding for several times, until we decided that perfection was the best name for it.

Novelus logo
novelus logo
novelus logo
novelus logo
novelus logo

Our identity

Word, fonts, and colours

As the slogan Colorful minds describes our team it also describes the way our logo is represented. We implemented two elements into it – casual and business. The second one is to use when communicated on serious things, but when it came up to being creative we always use the casual one. This is why our logo can be also used in straight horizontal line or playfully, where all the letters are just simply playing around.

Digital media


Of course we had to change also our web page, where we now know that this is an never ending process. The content is changing daily and we still have not ended our story here. There is still a lot to do, but our main focus was to represent our services, team and references as best as we can. By combining it with SEO we achieved the best for our Google display campaigns in other counties.

website design
social media

Social Media

Facebook Profile

As you already know we love to talk, communicate, we like to be seen. This is why our FB profile is a mix of our work, daily activities and of course also some pleasure times, that we bring into our team. Join us, become our friend and take a minute to see what we are up to.



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