Oljarna Kocbek


Client: Oljarna Kocbek

Year: 2017




The Goal

Oljarna Kocbek is a well-known producer of various oils in Slovenia and sell its products all over the world. Therefore, we wanted to simplify and automate the entire sales process as much as possible and to integrate it with the existing solutions that the company already uses.


About Oljarna Kocbek

Since the client markets his products all over the world, it is necessary to precisely define the shipping tariff for each country. The client also applies to different parts of the world a different package provider and then there is the variable value of the fuel additive which is also necessary to take into the account. In addition, the subscriber uses an external account management service that needs to be integrated with the new online store and include all modern payment methods.

Kocbek analiza

First Step


We started the project with analysis of the existing situation; the existing website was outdated and not optimized for mobile devices, but it was ranked high in search engines, which means that the quality of existing content is good. Therefore, we optimized the content to the extent necessary and began on designing a whole new page.

Second Step


Based on  the content, the designer prepared the look of the new website – we took into account modern concepts, but we focused on the principle of “mobile-first”,  meaning that the layout of the page was first placed for the mobile version, from which we prepared the desktop or wide version. According to this principle, the designer prepared all content pages and one product page.

Kocbek načrtovanje
Kocbek izvedba

Third Step


Based on the new design, we developed the website and made all the necessary arrangements for setting up the store. We transformed the products from the classic content pages with our own script into the structural products adopted by the system (WooCommerce). With the help of the script, we have prepared all the rules in the system for determining shipping prices, since the amount of this data is huge and manual editing takes too much time.

In the second part, we prepared everything necessary for sales, that is, the arrangement of all possible payment systems. Payment systems in the company for our online stores are managed via Braintree or SecurionPay, depending on the client’s needs.

Fourth Step


Testing is very important for online shops. Payment agents allow us to test all payment systems at no extra cost, which means that we are offered virtual payment cards and PayPal account, which help us perform test transactions. Testing also detects other errors that may occur during development.

Kocbek testiranje
Kocbek - objava in optimizacija

Fifth Step

Deployment and optimization

After successful testing, we have installed the site on the server and performed optimization procedures where we took  care of all speed and security issues and we also reviewed the technical part of SEO optimization. We entered the site into all major search engines in the so-called Web Masters tool, which ensures immediate indexing of the site, and these tools give us more information about what needs to be optimized.


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