Oven - Oventura

Client: Oven

Year: 2018




The Goal

The main challenge was to create a user-friendly, modern mobile app that allows users to easily rent e-bikes and navigate along the optionally selected routes called e-tours. It must be supported by the Android and IOS operating system and available in three different languages – Slovenian, German and English.



The company OVEN ELEKTRO MARIBOR has opened the first and largest electric bike rental in Maribor together with BikeLab and Tourist Information Centre Maribor. For this purpose, they decided to offer the possibility of e-bike sharing via modern, yet efficient mobile app with also some additional functionalities.

Oventura Analiza

First Step


For purposes of seeing the bigger picture how app would look like at the end, we first defined the functionality offered within the app.

Second Step


Next step – design. We gave our clients mockup of how it would look like in the final app and when they confirmed it, we turned it into a modern and attractive app look. At the same time, the team of developers took care of pre-defiined application development plan, deployed in so-called sprints.

Third Step


Now it came the time for developments to shine. According to the approved plan and design, they developed all the necessary functionalities throughout the next three weeks. On the weekly basics, the development manager met with the clients and presented or demonstrated the current state of the mobile app, followed by comments and debates of what to change, improve or add. Our client actively participated in the development itself.

Fourth Step


After the third sprint, the last week was followed, where the mobile app was tested by the client in a real environmental. All errors were reported through an automate error reporting system, allowing developers an immediate attention when fixing them.

Fifth Step

Publishing and optimizing

The mobile app is publicly available to the users, however; careful control of the application is always carried out with weekly update to improve the user experience.

Android Version
IOS Version

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