Ray Ban’s Traditional Slovenia Take Over

Introduction of the new Ray-Ban collection and correction glasses, socializing with celebrities and inviting new customers with special prices.

Ray Ban’s Traditional Slovenia Take Over

Client: Ray Ban Slovenia
Year: 2017




What we did

Once again, we invited a bunch of famous Slovenian faces and representatives from the world of media. Of course, we did not forget the bloggers. We enjoyed the company of Ajda Sitar, Neisha, Omar Naber, Salome and many others. DJ Ney took care of good vibes and great music.

To top it all up, we had an artist with special graphite skills. During the event, he created an amazing Ray-Ban sketch which was the main product on a Facebook auction with all the proceeds going to the charity. All the guests were able to take funny pictures in front of a Photo box that we placed by the stage and while taking pictures with fake mustaches we shared a lot of laughs, as you can imagine. Also, they could take pictures with the brand new Ray-Ban sunglasses and participate in the summer Ray-Ban mania.


What The Client Needed

Our partner wanted to introduce the new Ray-Ban collection with correction glasses. They wanted a social event with Slovenian celebrities and getting new customers in the shop, offering them special promotional prices.

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Through the combination of emotions, understanding and perfect execution we helped our client achieve their goals.



The focus of this event was on sales. Our aim, in fact, was achieving the effect of active and increasing sales on this day. Our partner was happy with the results as sales that day soared. Success!


Interested In Increasing Sales Like Ray-Ban Did?