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Client: The Perfect Turn

Year: 2017


Our mission

Our mission was to create the perfect advertising campaign and brand that would attract tourist from Check Republic, Croatia, Austria, Germany etc. We connected with Tourist Association from Maribor and Tourist Association from Ptuj to gain also their knowledge and together we could achieve our goal.


What we achieved

  • We created one of the most recognized brands between foreign tourists called The perfect turn.
  • We handed out more than 15.000 bottles of water to people in traffic jams.
  • We handed out more than 100.000 leaflets about recommended locations in Maribor and Ptuj, including maps of both cities.
  • We had more than 30 stops at highway as info centers for people.
  • Project The perfet turn was supported by Slovenian national tourist organization, Tourist association in Maribor, Tourist association in Ptuj, DARS, Motorway Company in the Republic of Slovenia.
  • We prepared a 6 months digital campaign on Google, Facebook, inbound.

About the project

Every year on the highways we witness around 4 million transit guests, who are travelling through Slovenia to Croatia or other countries for their vacation. Often they have to wait in the traffic jams for hours and hours. This is why we decided to show them what beautiful cities Maribor and Ptuj have to offer in order to make them take –  their perfect turn. We decided to give the travelers two options: to either stay more days in the above mentioned cities or to take just a one day trip. The best way to persuade them is to represent our tourist offer of Maribor and Ptuj, while planning their vacation. How we do it? With a detailed digital commucation campaign!


Roll up

We gathered pictures from both of the Associations of the TOP tourist locations in Maribor and Ptuj. We used those pictures to create visuals for roll ups and billboards. The visual was done in Maribor in front of the oldest Wine in the World, which is more than 300 years old.

Digital media


We created the perfect interactive web page where we included all the hotels, restaurants, BBs, and other places, where people go during their holidays or even in a stage of travelling. These are also strict centers of cities, where you can see what all those amazing cities have to offer. Also, you can interact with their location and the most important thing are live cameras of DARS, which show you if there is a traffic on a specific border or not.


This was also implemented in a mobile version, so all the information was right there on a mobile phone, tablet etc.

Take a look!
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Social Media

Facebook profile

This social media tool was again a perfect channel for communication with people from other countries, for showing tourist offers of Maribor and Ptuj, for streaming live videos straight from all the tourist locations we wanted to represent even more etc.



Like mentioned above we had different pictures from TOP locations of Maribor and Ptuj. These billboards were mostly on highways and other locations near very frequent roads for tourists. Billboards also included some of the top massages we wanted to show tourists and send them message – Relax on your way, Experience peace on your way, Experience excitement on your way … Topics were related specifically to local events, destinations, services etc.

Tisk brošure TPT

Print Media


We created a special brochure with a huge map on the other side. Big maps were meant to fit into every pocket although they are regular size maps. Besides the maps, you could see destinations, restaurants, hotels and other locations that are important for tourists. This was also the tool we used for advertisers, who supported our project.

Digital Media


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