Zveza prijateljev mladine Maribor – 60 years young

A path of memories of passionate activities of ZPMM

Zveza prijateljev mladine Maribor - 60 let mladi

Client: Zveza prijateljev mladine Maribor
Year: 2013




What we did

We created a timeline of memories that led visitors through video projection and painting materials. The whole evening was divided into a number of different cultural and artistic activities that symbolically represented the 60th anniversary of ZPM. The guests enjoyed the performance of famous Slovenian performers, such as Lara Jankovič, Sever, Gal Gjurin, Jure Ivanušič, children’s singing choir from Elementary School Martin Konšak and many others. The event was independently linked to Mario Galunič and Uroš Kaurin – big supporters of the charity work for both individuals and families. This is also the basic mission in the operations of the ZPM.


What The Client Needed

Zveza prijateljev mladine Maribor (Union of Friends of the Youth Maribor) celebrated their 60th anniversary in 2013, and they were looking for an agency to organize their big event. The event would show the Unions’ passionate work and spread awareness of the charity’s activities to the general public.

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Through the combination of emotions, understanding and perfect execution we helped our client achieve their goals.

Borut Pahor in otroški pevski zbor Zveze prijateljev mladine Maribor


60 years of memories, traditions, stories, successes, ups, and downs. Everything that is part of the rich history of Zveza prijateljev mladine Maribor, which also marked the moment with a charity concert at the Union halls in Maribor. More than 300 supporters of their work attended the event. We took care of communication with the media. Assisted in protocol work and implemented PR.

Ustvarjalne delavnice za otroke Zveza Prijateljev Mladine Maribor
Otroške delavnice - Zveza prijateljev mladine Maribor
Zveza prijateljev mladine Maribor - otroške delavnice Grajski trg Maribor

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