Healthcare Marketing

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Healthcare Marketing

Our healthcare marketing strategies include social media, website management, direct marketing, and PR.

Social and Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare market includes both medical, dental and pharmaceutical offices, clinics, centers, and companies.


Current most important factors influencing healthcare institutions and companies are:

  • the aging of the population,
  • the increasing prevalence of the chronic diseases,
  • the development of costly clinical innovations, and
  • the increase in awareness of patients, their knowledge and expectations.


The healthcare market growth is expected especially in the developing countries with lower incomes. Therefore, the expansion of healthcare services is also expected.


Healthcare institutions and companies will need to take cost-containment measures. Namely, healthcare providers will need to standardize their clinical processes, even more. Basically, they need to switch to technologically-based services, digitalized communication systems, and achieve economies of scale.

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Social Marketing


The concern for the health is the question for the society as a whole. Health is an important value that greatly contributes to the quality of life, well-being of a nation and a country. Therefore, the promotion of the health is a responsibility of us all.


Health marketing, as a term, is not used very often. Social marketing is more commonly heard in public. So, for the public health promotion and other marketing-based planning frameworks for public health communication, social marketing is applied. And it is on the rise.


The aim is to achieve social change. The approach of social marketing is the most successful in changing citizens’ point of view and behavior. The primary goal is achieving social good.


We understand the importance of health promotion and health or social marketing.

Healthcare Marketing Solutions


Besides promoting health and educating the population about it, there is also more traditional and commercial use of marketing in the healthcare sector.


Patients are becoming increasingly involved in the healthcare decisions, as their burden of health care costs continues to increase. At the same time, healthcare has entered a tough market economy. For these reasons, the marketing of health services has become essential for the financial survival of doctors and health organizations.


Doctors can successfully apply the basic principles of marketing services in order to gain patient satisfaction and loyalty and to remain competitive in today’s market economy.

Healthcare Specialized Marketing Solutions

When supporting our clients who are healthcare providers we pay special attention to concepts such as:

  • the quality tolerance area,
  • customer satisfaction levels,
  • branding of services,
  • patient involvement and
  • service recovery.


Namely, we have discovered that mentioned elements when treated in the right way help our healthcare clients in achieving their goals.


Furthermore, we address in the details area of customer satisfaction:

  • improving patient satisfaction,
  • identifying satisfaction trends and
  • loyalty relationships.


In addition, we specialize in:

  • effective targeting,
  • health promotion, and
  • medical tourism.







Our team of marketers is aware that advertising healthcare products and services is a particularly sensitive issue. So, it should not be used in such a way that it abuses consumer confidence or exploits their lack of experience and knowledge.


We make sure our clients’ healthcare marketing efforts are never misleading. Consequently, we focus on advertising and promoting products, services and activities such as healthy lifestyle, recreation, ecology and clean technology. For this purpose, we use communication channels like forums, social media, health platforms, and websites.


The content we produce is primarily educational and information oriented. We have great content marketing experts. They produce blogs, infographics, reports, articles, mailings and other pieces of content.


Last but not least, great public relations management is essential for medical and pharmaceutical companies, especially in times of crises.

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