Design by Novelus is a fine art of generating validation and legitimacy with the aim of amplifying our clients’ business stories.

Web and Print Design Solutions

We are a young group of creative designers who follow trends and yearn for fresh and attractive projects.


By avoiding cheap and instant designs, we create new visual identities and offer design support to existing brands. If you want to stand out in a business world, you need to have a unique identity. That is why we translate your values and vision into the great designs, presented in an interesting way.


Graphic design inspires, informs and changes our view of the world. We design with creativity. We are inspired by all that is around us.


In short, we seek for the design experience that inspires and enlightens. We believe our expertise and reliability are our strongest virtues. Therefore, we grow by constantly upgrading our technical tools and knowledge.

What We Offer?



A corporate visual image is a visual presentation of a company’s business identity. It is the first and most powerful element that attracts the customer. It creates a company’s brand and expresses the strategy, vision and mission of the company.


The great visual presentation brings better visibility, adds value and competitive advantages to the company, all which result in the successful business results.


We are happy to design and create logos, business cards, correspondence sheets, stamps, designed folders, envelopes, etc. for you. We also define the use of the fonts and a selection of the colors.


Oblikovanje spletne strani

The presence of a company on the World Wide Web has been one of the key components of every serious company for many years now. Company’s website is the first contact of the company with a potential buyer or a customer.


Therefore, Agency Novelus puts a strong emphasis on the quality and efficiency of the company’s online presence. Thus, we create unique web templates that are adjusted to all kinds of devices (desktops, tablets, mobile phones) and target groups.


In order to amplify company’s web presence, we are creatively upgrading web pages with the efficient marketing elements, such as banners, mailing, infographics, social networks, and applications.


Oblikovanje tiskovin

For our clients, we create quality and innovative print designs, such as leaflets, brochures, posters, catalogs, print advertisements, newspapers, and magazines.


Also, we offer designing support for ongoing advertising activities or independent campaigns.


Video produkcija

How can we quickly introduce what is the essence of a service or a product of the company?


Video or animation is an effective tool for promoting the right idea. For this reason, the popularity of videos has been rapidly increasing and it seems that the trend will continue.


It is known that the image shows 1000 words but the video shows two times more. Video has this magical feature – it is easily shared online, so it can easily go viral. Video content – vlogs, tutorials, how-to videos, fun videos, etc. are essential elements of the social media.


Our team is skilled to design title credits for videos, add subtitles, edit shots or create 2D animations.


Our team is ready for all kinds of challenges. We create 3D designs, as well.


When a company wants to introduce itself at fairs, conferences, trade shows and other events, for them, we create a model of the exhibition space. Furthermore, we define the position and the appearance of the furniture and we equip the showroom with graphics.


Moreover, we model a wide variety of products and transform them into a 3D animation, which has recently become a true hit of the web design world.


Oblikovanje promocijskega materiala

In this precise area, graphic design provokes the immediate emotional response with the individuals. However, it is not an easy task. We have to fight for the consumers’ attention. Namely, in the huge flood of promotional products, we must achieve that our products attract attention and convince the customers.


The promotional materials and packaging we create for our clients stand out for their effective message and originality. All the promotional products and materials we create for our clients help them get noticed at the trade shows, presentations, seminars, and other sorts of events.

How we do it?


We truly believe in the power of design.


It’s our pleasure to listen to our clients’ wishes and to fulfill them.


With our technically perfected knowledge of design, we solve our clients’ challenges, problems or dilemmas quickly and efficiently. We believe that through the right design we can send a strong message to the audience.


We take our client’s requirements, our skills, knowledge, and our colorful minds and we develop the idea.


A true, original story is something that adds value to our idea.


Our clients’ satisfaction is what our agency and our team strive for. With quality products and a positive attitude, we are co-creating our clients’ success stories.


For more than 10 years, we have been following trends, setting high-quality standards and building strong bonds with our clients and business partners. So, all those stories of success show us that we are on the right track.

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