Events management

Event management requires foresight, follow through and attention to details.

Foresight and attention to detail

Event management requires foresight, follow through and attention to details. You need to see the bigger picture as well as the tiniest of details. You need vision. And that is exactly what we offer. We have the experience, skills and knowledge to help you with any sort of event, no matter how large or how small. We can help you get off the ground. We are flexible, fast, responsive and reliable.

The best events organising team in the area

Agency Novelus strives to be the best running event management company in this part of Europe, producing the highest quality events that not only set the standard for event production but also set the trend for the industry.


Event Operations and Logistics

Event operations and logistics are where all the time spent planning the event comes together in the execution of the event. We make the site layout, design all the necessary maps, we take care of the setup and tear down, and we take care of the overall event management.

Permits and City Liaison

Knowing where to get the right permits in due time, we take care of the proper permits to stage the event along with working closely with city officials in the event logistics.


We develop a plan to efficiently move participants and or spectators between venues, from the airport to hotel along with securing the vehicles needed to handle the job.

Vendor Negotiations and Relationships

With Agency Novelus’s years of experience, we understand how to negotiate a favorable contract for our clients along with building strong relationships with the vendors to help form great partnerships between the vendor and the client.

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