HubSpot offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer success, with a completely free CRM at its core.


What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a company with the long tradition of developing Inbound Marketing solutions. Their huge success lies in their software platform which helps companies fulfill the marketing and sales goals in terms of improving ROMI, increasing sales, and overall profit.

How does HubSpot help the companies?

Through their platform, HubSpot helps companies attract more visitors, convert leads into customers, and close customers. They also offer a ton of resources, blogs and other learning materials like courses, projects, and software training. They even have their own academy and certification center.


HubSpot Academy is one of the best learning platforms for inbound marketing and sales.


We have to say that in our opinion HubSpot Academy really knows how to educate and inspire people all around the world to learn how to market, sell, and grow an inbound business.


What is a HubSpot software?

HubSpot’s cloud-based, all-in-one software facilitates marketing and sales tasks. It is based on Inbound Marketing methodology. It helps companies of all sizes create a web presence, attract online traffic, gather leads for tracking and nurturing, and analyze inbound marketing campaigns.


HubSpot’s software is divided into two separate platforms that work the best and are mostly used together. These are marketing and sales software.


In our opinion, currently, it’s one of the best software of that kind in the world.

Marketing software has everything a company needs to implement great inbound marketing strategy.


In our opinion, HubSpot’s marketing software gives you the most of the marketing tools you need that help you convert your visitors into leads and customers, all in one place.


HubSpot Sales software tackles the problems of sales. It gives sales personnel great tools to boost their productivity, shorten buying process cycles, and make the sales process friendlier.

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We are a HubSpot Marketing Agency Partner

We were truly inspired by HubSpot’s Academy and software, so we have decided to become their partner.

We have HubSpot’s certification in:

As an agency we have also acquired:


What can we do for you as a HubSpot agency partner?

We will help you identify your targeted audience, your segments – so called buyer personas.


We will help you identify the buyer’s journey your (potential) customers take from the moment they become aware of their problem, need, to their decision to buy your product or service.


We will help you generate more leads, so we can convert them together to your customers.


We will help you increase your revenue and improve your ROI.


We will help you with content creation, email marketing, brand and social management, HubSpot’s software, and so much more.

We specialize in these marketing activities that will help you grow your business in a smart and long-term prosperous way:


Brand and social management

Content creation

Website optimization

Sales enablement

Email marketing

Website development and design

How We Will Help you

Increase your Website Traffic

We’ll help expand your brand awareness and attract qualified, new audiences to your website through blogging, search engine optimization, social media, and more.

Build Your Inbound Marketing Essentials

Together, we’ll set up the tools and create the resources that form the foundation of your inbound marketing program. They include your marketing gameplay, buyer personas, CRM, CMS, content campaign strategies, etc.

Generate More Leads

With a focus on conversion rate optimization and strategic campaigns, we’ll help create the essential conversion paths needed to grow your contact database using landing pages, forms, CTAs, and content creation.

Create Amazing Content

Together, we’ll set up the tools and create the resources that form the foundation of your inbound marketing program. They include your marketing gameplay, buyer personas, CRM, CMS, content campaign strategies, etc.

Acquire New Customers

By leveraging conversion rate optimization, the HubSpot Sales tools, and sales enablement, we’ll help you find and nurture qualified traffic and leads into valuable, happy customers that close quicker and spend more.

Maximize Your HubSpot Investment

Get more return out of your subscription month-over-month, with our comprehensive knowledge of the HubSpot marketing software, CRM, and Website Platform.

Delight Your Customers

We’ll help turn “closed business” into loyal evangelists who passionately spread the word about your brand. These campaigns and content can include surveys, referral programs, NPS tracking, and more.

Understanding Your Marketing Performance

What’s working and what’s not? Together, we’ll track and analyze your most important metrics to understand where your marketing stands and where it needs to be to achieve your goals.


Inbound Marketing ROI


Your inbound marketing budget should be determined based on your goals and how much work is needed from Novelus to achieve those goals.

Are We a Good Fit for Each Other?

Although not limited to the following, we’ve had the quickest results with companies that:

  • Operate in the following industries: B2B Software Providers (SaaS, etc.), Business & Professional Services, Consulting Companies, Healthcare, Tourism, and Energetics.
  • Already have an established revenue base, meaning:
    • Sustainable revenue model generating > 3 million € in revenue per year
    • Already generating > 5,000 website visitors per month
  • Are natural fit for inbound marketing, meaning:
    • They need leads
    • Their customers typically have a considered buying process
    • Have a sales team to work those leads
  • Has a history of doing some aspects of inbound marketing, such as blogging, social media, and email marketing.

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