Market Entry

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Entering a foreign market can be a daunting experience. However you do business at home, it might be completely different abroad. We specialise in the know-how of entering foreign markets. We develop strategies which take into account many factors. We take care of the adaptation of your service or products to meet the needs of marketing abroad. Developing a market-entry strategy involves a thorough analysis of potential competitors and possible customers. We inform you of the trade barriers, localised knowledge, price localisation, competittion and export subsidies.


What countries to enter and when mainly depends on the financial resources of a company, the product life-cycle and the product itself, said Lymbersky. We offer several strategies which restrain the risks of new market entry.
Why develop your own market entry plans? Outsource these to Agency Novelus. We have the knowledge of the local markets and can mitigate the risks.

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