Media Buying

We always strive for the best prices and media placements. The cost-benefit ratio is our primary objective when media buying is in question.

Media Buying

Old rules no longer apply. The media landscape has changes and so are the media buying game rules.

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What is Media Buying?

The media buying function is a part of your advertising strategy. It negotiates prices and placements for all of the media inventory acquiring.


Media buying entails the identification of your target market. It also requests the creation of the profiles that reflect the consumers you are trying to reach.

We can identify for you where your target customers look for the information they need and want. Therefore, we can advise you concerning the right advertising space to buy in order to reach your target customers.

We establish if your customers are looking for the information online, or they are television watchers, magazines readers or what marketing vehicles, street furniture, indoor elements and similar will work the best when it comes to placing advertisements.


We understanding your consumer behavior. So we will help you buy a placing in media that is optimal, effective and that performs by achieving your chosen goals.

No more bad decisions. No more wasted money!


Strategic Media Buying

A strategic approach to acquiring advertising space firstly comes from understanding your business goals. Careful translation of the goals into communication and media objectives is what follows.

Our great media strategy also comes from our knowledge and experience, based on all our past actions and quantitative data.


In our experience, media strategy must understand the data, extract the opportunities, create added value, and increase your ROI.

Our media buying strategy enables you to maximize the impact of your advertising campaigns through the use of a range of media.

We make sure the correct distribution of the campaign message is chosen.


In short, we choose for you a proper media buying strategy which includes decisions on the best media channels, timetables, and campaign messages. We develop optimized and successful media buying strategies for our clients for a long time and we enjoy doing it.

Identifying Your Target Consumers

Understanding your ideal consumers is crucial to success. As mentioned – we do the research and help you discover who your target group is and where they “hang out”, so we can reach it.


Basically, the question is: Where and what to communicate to engage potential or existing customers?

The research we do at this point provides the information about what your competitors are doing and where the best place to reach your target audience is.


Therefore, the media buy will be highly effective and it will achieve your campaign and your business objectives.

Budget Optimization

We evaluate several factors to make the right buying decisions.


As media buying agency, we optimize what to buy and when to buy, depending on your budget and your campaign and business goals.

In the world of constant and rapid updates in communication technology, we have discovered integrated approach is usually the best. So, we are connecting a wide range of media into a media-fusion – integrated approach. We define the right media mix and tailor-made media exposure.


This is why you need an agency to reach your advertising strategy goals and maximize the results of your media buying.

Quality Media Placement

In any media channel, understanding the timing and the placement can have a crucial impact on effectiveness. Not only the selected media, also position, daypart or certain date can make a difference.

Special events, holidays or media events are to be considered when planning the timeline and placement. Premium positioning and relevancy is what we are aiming for. We help our clients make quality media placement.

Buying Control And Partnership With Media

Tracking and overviewing a campaign are leading us to have ongoing information about the progress and following the goals.


We manage relations with media providers to achieve the best act for our clients.

We collect data from all the previous advertising efforts and activities, we analyze them, evaluate, and recommend future objectives and actions.


We always strive for optimization and highly favorable media results. Moreover, we find optimal solutions which provide the best costs-benefits ratio.

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We analyze, strategize, implement and measure. And then we do it all over again.

We make informed decisions about our client’s media buying projects which generate excellent results and revenue.


We can’t even imagine making media buying plan without doing an analysis.

The key to a successful media buying strategy is to know well the media and advertising landscape. We constantly analyze and research the media space. We work closely with media providers.


Planning an advertising campaign without knowledge and experience is a bound-to-fail effort.

Planning is the first and most important function of successful media buying management. As a media buying agency we have the experience and knowledge to create most effective strategy that maximized the results.


A strategy without execution is a hallucination.

The next step is to implement the media buying plan we constructed with our clients. We always strive for the best prices and media placements. The cost-benefit ratio is what is our primary objective. Our negotiation skills with the media provide our clients with optimal advertising prices. Moreover, we monitor the placement and publishing of the ads and we report on the performance.

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Media Buying
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Media Buying
We always strive for the best prices and media placements. The cost-benefit ratio is our primary objective when media buying is in question.