Media Buying

The old rules no longer apply.

Strategic approach

Strategic understanding in media buying firstly comes from understanding business goals and careful translation of these goals into communication and media objectives. It also comes from our knowledge and experience, based on past actions and quantitative data. Media strategy must understand the data, extract the opportunities, create added value and increase your ROI.

Novelus Media Buying Strategic Approach
Marketing Agency Novelus Target Customer

Identifying your target consumer

Understanding your ideal consumers is crucial for success. Who is your target group? Where to reach it? Where and what to communicate to engage the (potential) customer? The research we do in this step will provide information, on what your competitors are doing and where the best place to reach your audience is, so the media buy will be highly effective and achieve your campaign’s objectives.

Budget optimization

We evaluate several factors to make right buying decisions. As media buying agency, we must optimize what to buy and when to buy, depending on your budget and campaign objectives.

In the world of constant and rapid updates in communication technology, we are connecting wide range of media into integrated approach to define the right media mix and tailor – made media exposure.

Marketing Agency Novelus Budget Optimization

Quality media placement

In any media channel, understanding the timing and the placement can have a great impact on effectiveness. Not only the selected media, also position, day part or certain date can make a difference. Special events, holidays or media events are to be considered, when planning the timeline and placement. Premium positioning and relevancy is what we are aiming for.

Buying control and partnership with media

Tracking and overview of campaign is leading us to have ongoing information about the progress and following the goals. We manage relations with media providers to achieve best act for our clients. We collect conclusions from previous activities, evaluate and recommend future objectives.

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