Public Relations

A fine art of generating validation and legitimacy with the aim of amplifing your business story.

Excellent media space and brand building

Media relations are one of the most complex communication tools a partner can have. By communicating with media we gain excellent media space and more effective brand building. This is why it is at most important that we not only know the media we are communicating with but that we know their structure, internal organization and also the goals they are striving to achieve. Agency Novelus is specialized in media in Eastern Europe region, with relations that no money can buy. Our events and other communication strategies receive around an average of 150.000 m2 media space.

Crisis Communication

You never know when a crisis can strike and a disaster is waiting to happen. Handling this kind of situation needs a very strategical and communication oriented expert that can also predict situations and know how to communicate them. When a crisis situation happens, we strive to protect our client, by representing its positive image outside. In this kind of situation, we are also the spokesman and the main communicator with employees or business partners or local communities. We handle the whole situation so that you do not have to care about details. We create the flow of communication so that it is smooth and positive.

On the crisis communication what counts is experiences and knowledge – to be aware when to tell what story.

Internal Communication

Did you know that people are the one that creates your profit and makes your business blossom? Then why not treat them with most of respect and appreciation. We can help you prepare a strategical internal communication plan that will make your people appreciate the job they are in. And if you do not have someone in your company that can take care of internal communication, we can also be the »gatekeeper« that would make employees smile and work even better. If you are still thinking if this is an activity that you need in your company, let us say – do not hesitate by thinking to invest into your employees, it will double your investment during the year.

External Communication

To communicate always means to communicate with people and situations that are around us. But, did we even think to decide to maybe use this communication in a very strategical and oriented way? When opening a new business in a country, or region, when hiring new field of expertise etc. All of this needs a strategical and oriented communication that can build our brand awareness and create a positive atmosphere around us and our company.

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