Public Relations

We think of Public Relations as a fine art of generating validation and legitimacy with the aim of amplifing your business story.

Public Relations

About Public Relations

Public relations is constantly changing. It represents an area that has undergone the greatest changes in recent years, but also the progress.


Namely, the way of communication has changed radically. It used to be one-way information that we have given to the media when creating everyday content with them. Today, we have an era of information. The information is found everywhere around us – on the web, in social media and elsewhere. so, the time of digitization of public relations has emerged. And, all of us, who are a part of mentioned communication channels and networks, we are all creators of the information, content, and stories.


  • Web alphabet
  • World of social media networks
  • Blogging and vlogging
  • Content marketing


Public relations as a whole has completely changed its disguise in the era of digitization. The web has become both, the main tool and the main communication environment. So, the web is the place where representatives of public relations also had to enter. By digitizing our content we have now become more and more active both online and in social media networks.


The mission, however, hasn’t changed. It is still the exchange of opinions and giving the public accurate and clear information. Our goal is to be at the right time in the right place. And to provide the public with the information that will lead our communication to the final recipients.

Strategic Consultation

Many companies have their own vision and goals that they are trying to achieve over the years, and only strategic guidance and advice on how to manage their communication will benefit them. Whether it is communication with the media, internal communication, communication with business and financial public, etc.


The advantage of the Agency’s involvement is the breadth of knowledge, years of experience and good knowledge of this field. At the same time, the key awareness remains that only the right way of expressing and communicating is what will shape the image of the company in the eyes of the public.


Let us be part of your team. From strategic planning to the creation of superior internal and external communication stories.



Strategic communication is very important to employees, the reputation of the company and the development of relationships with its stakeholders. Exposure to the reputation of a brand must be nurtured by the company, presented to the public in an appropriate way and establish communication that will give the momentum to the operation of the selected company.


At the same time, it is necessary to constantly monitor the development of new media and the closure of the traditional media. And just keeping proper relationships with stakeholders, and continuous development and progress in corporate communication, the company will lead to success in both domestic and abroad areas. A proactive, continuous, targeted natural and thoughtful selection of communication tools is something that can also influence the evolution of an individual company.


So, let the experts plan your two-way and strategically-planned communication that enables your company, its trademarks and, consequently, the achieved business success, transparency, social responsibility and awareness.


  • Press conferences
  • Contact with media
  • Press releases
  • 360 degree Strategies


Communicating with media is crucial for good development of relations, for facilitating the delivery of strategic information. Today, companies are using two types of media communication: strategic and productive. Nevertheless, it is crucial that the information provided to the media is clear, immediate, hypnotic, targeted, accurate and effective. Most of the opinion generated by the public is generated from the information provided by the media.


So, do we know how to communicate correctly and correctly express ourselves? Do we know how to represent ourselves and our brand so that the representatives of the seventh force (media) will understand me? Let us help you gain greater visibility and caution when communicating with the media. A two-way flow of information that not only involves the provision of information, but also the provision of these when the media needs us.


  • Internal newsletters
  • Intranet
  • Developing events and meetings
  • Team Buildings
  • When a crisis occurs …


Many colleagues have developed their own language of internal communication over the years for their mutual cooperation; either related to the branch of work, the employee’s population, the age, …


However, one must be aware that only a happy employee is the key to the success of any company. If communication between them is encouraged in an appropriate way and communication channels are successful, the working climate will be good, which will consequently help us develop and grow.


Almost every company that has to strive to establish proactive and two-way communication with its employees should be aware of this. Within Novelus Agency we will help you to set a successful and strategically well-designed communication with your employees. Proper care and consistency in the implementation of its content is our task, for your success and solid relationships.

Relations With Business Public

  • Building relevant relationships with business public.
  • Creating ongoing communication between the business community and the company.
  • Strategic communication of business changes of the organization to business …


Relations with business public are very important for the development and progress of the company. Without long-term and trustworthy business relationships, individual companies could not, at all, remain in what is yet to develop. For the good development of this area, it is so crucial that the company contains someone who understands:


  • The market of the business public with whom we are working with;
  • Dynamics and development of these business public;
  • Language used by our business public for communication;
  • How to communicate in a simple and understandable manner with personalized and understandable communication;
  • How to create the right mix between communication, advertising, direct approach, etc.

Crisis Communication

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Creating a crisis manual
  • Managing and handling the resulting crisis situation


Anyone can find themselves in a crisis situation. Above all it is important how we control our crisis, when she has some kind of influence on our society. In times of crisis the reputation of our company is the most endangered, and, at the same time, the most rugged elements that build the property of the society and allows it to survive. Possible negative consequences for society can be reflected in financial loss, reputation decline, boycott of services or work, and general long-term reluctance to the public.


With real communication and carefully chosen words, we can limit even a crisis situation! From this point of view it is important that the company is ready to communicate in the event of a crisis and that in crisis situations we respond appropriately and communicate in a coherent and thoughtful manner.

The biggest problem of crises or imposed conditions is that they can not be planned. It’s a sudden situation. But it is possible to foresee them; at least circumstances that can catch us and which we can be carefully prepared through the crisis manual. Although there is a set of possible crisis events (topics), they can happen completely unexpectedly, for example: an affair in the media, work and other disasters, protests, strikes, accidents, etc.

The purpose of crisis communication is to ensure the manageability of the situation, to prevent the communication disaster and to provide prompt, timely and reliable information to internal and external public during the crisis.

In order to easier anticipation and manage of such situations, it is crucial that we have a communication / crisis manual within the company, in which we can quickly anticipate possible situations of this kind.

Social Network

Social media networks have become the center and source of communication channels. If we used to receive all the information from the media (radio, television, press, web, …), information is now available immediately on social media networks. It’s all about Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. More!


On these media networks, people can interact with each other, give their own opinions and views. Therefore, it is crucial that we have professionals who know these social networks to manage and communicate with them. At the same time, it is vital that companies on the above networks are accessible and up-to-date!


Therefore, in Agency Novelus we can help you to create a strategic plan for social networking, planning and managing appropriate communication, planning advertising on these networks, etc. We offer you full support in editing and managing both positive and negative comments.

Communication With Local Communities

  • Days of open doors
  • Local newsletters and other communication tools
  • Local presentations or meetings
  • Round tables and public stands
  • Advising and conducting an appropriate communication campaign
  • Open phones
  • Other


How we communicate in a community or local environment can be crucial for the development and survival of a particular company. If this form of communication is properly managed, it can dramatically reduce the possibility of crises, as well as strengthen ties to the local environment.


This is a way for the company to better achieve the desired goals in the local environment and to enjoy the confidence of it. In other words, we live in harmony with the surroundings!


Therefore, it is good if we hire an external expert for this kind of communication. They act neutral, unrelated to the company, and as such, they often listen more to the local environment.


Agency Novelus offers your company here comprehensive support, strategic planning of appropriate communication and the implementation of tools that connect the local environment and the community that operates in it to the success of the company. We are also experts in the field of managing local crises.

Relations With Financial Public

This is communication, which is often obligatory for successful and strategic operation of a particular company. The financial public, often also the business public, is one of the most important to building confidence in the success of the company and supporting its future investment and business intentions.


Allow us to help you maintain relationships with shareholders, build relationships with potential investors, thorough strategic planning etc.


Take a look at our event page where we presented you with different areas for implementation, planning and organizing various events; from B2B, B2C, internal, fashion events, etc.

Management of Public Personality

How management behaves, what kind of public appearances they have, … also effects  their employees and it is very important. It is therefore right to leave their public appearance to someone who will be able to guide and direct them on this path. After all, with a precise approach to the development of a public figure, we can greatly contribute to the reputation of the company and its brand.


In other words, this is also called a personal mark, which in a picturesque and appropriate way exposes the competitive advantages of the one with which we are working with. This is recognized in the long run by stakeholders, consumers and employees.


In this way, the company also begins to drastically differentiate itself from its competition. This also creates trust between the environment / the public and the representative of the company.

Training of Public Accounting

What’s going on? My legs were crushed, the words disappeared. Is it possible that for all this I can blame stage fright? Have you ever stepped in front of the public and noticed that you remained completely without words. Like you do not know what you wanted to say. Your heart flashes a lot like never before. What now?


Let us make the right speakers out of you. Let’s show you how to impress your listeners, what words to use to understand us, and how to stick to them. You will become excellent speakers, but especially eager to perform in front of the crowd.

Media Analysis

  • Kliping
  • Media analysis – advanced and basic
  • AVE


Public relations can show a complete picture of their performance and success only if we know how to measure the relevant media and how to present the results to the public or to the client.


In the flood of media, it is essential that we know which data are the ones that will present the success of communication. Moreover, through the acquisition of media analysis, we can plan public relations activities more precisely, clearly and with objectives.


Good media analysis thus includes everything from the type of media in %, authors’ names, comparison to the competition, positivity or negativity of media posts, keywords, etc. It is crucial that we besides monitoring the media in the Slovenian market, also monitor media outside the Slovenian borders.


Furthermore, it is quite helpful that we keep a media archive for several years. Only then we will be able to compare year’s results and follow the progress.


Agency Novelus offers to its clients a comprehensive Kliping, which enables daily, monthly and yearly monitoring of media and communication skills through the use of the WebKliping platform.


Take a look at our Events management page where we show you our work: B2B, B2C, internal, fashion and other events.

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