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Website development


Any respectful business needs a proper online presence and presentation. A website is business’ identification card. Your own web pages are the most precious asset that allows you to present your brand to the public just the way you want it.


A web site can be updated by a minute, so the information can be always super fresh and relevant. Your web pages are the great place to present your products and services, as well as special offers and discounts, so it also helps you get more customers and increase your sales.


Our website development is a full-service project including:

  • web development,
  • web design,
  • copywriting,
  • SEO,
  • coaching about the use of the web site, as well as
  • our highly responsive client support.

How we do website development


We start off by getting to know you, your brand and your goals.


Together with you, we fill-in our Website development questioner. Those answers help us set up the grounds for the whole project of website development.

Furthermore, we analyze your industry, the market and your competition. Each and every step of the development is based on the previous analysis and shaped by your needs, wants and goals.


Web-site architecture refers to the way we structure your website to ensure we meet your goals while delivering a great experience for the website users and visitors.


This is not an easy task. However, we have a great system and huge experience that helps us identify the right website information architecture (IA) for you.


Furthermore, we dedicate our time and energy to:

  • maximize the usability of your web page,
  • build a flawless interaction design,
  • create a user-friendly interface, and
  • set the most optimal grounds for the information design and content strategy.


Your web pages’ visitors create an impression of the website and your band/business in less than 0.2 seconds!


The first impression is mostly influenced by the design. According to some research that influence is 94 %. The reason for this lays in the fact that we are emotional and visual creatures. So, we pay a special attention to the website design.


In case you don’t already have a corporate design, we develop it together. And if you do have it, we make sure it is perfectly translated into the digital world.


Our web designs are impeccable on all different devices – from big displays to small smartphone screens. So, we make sure your website always has the responsive design.


Furthermore, we religiously follow and implement the latest trends from the world of design into all our web products. So, our mission is to make sure your website always looks fresh and attractive.


Choosing from the broad pool of different platforms, tools, plugins and other web solutions, all based on the latest technology, we make sure your website is:

  • highly effective,
  • quick to load,
  • multi-functional (if needed) and
  • it looks nicely polished on all devices.


Additionally, these sophisticated technologies make it easy for you to (if you would want that) add content and manage your web pages by yourself.


Your web pages might be targeted by spammers, spyware, hackers and other illegal and malicious hardware and attacks. All these could cause smaller or bigger damage to your website and business.


We protect your site optimally against any spam and malware. We offer you protection against DDoS (a distributed denial-of-service) attacks. So, we guard and protect your website. We make sure all necessary preventive measures are taken.


In the unfortunate event of an issue – breach, we take care of the problem as soon as possible. During this time, your web pages still work smoothly, as we provide a cloud service for the uninterrupted operation of your site (CloudFlare).


Additionally, we make sure your webpage is always in accordance with all the current legislation. We make sure your web pages comply with all the regulations related to the Internet industry, consumers, and personal data protection (GDPR).


Basically, your website always has the correct and updated versions of:

  • Privacy policy,
  • Cookies policy,
  • Legal statement about your rights,
  • all data collecting forms and
  • other similar functions in accordance with the law and best practices of the industry.


The website itself must be optimal in terms of technicalities and content, so that search engines recognize it and that it brings as much traffic as possible.


Right away, at the very beginning of the designing process, we introduce the basic search engine optimization (headline tags H1, H2, meta descriptions, the special markup for rich snippets…) so the site is optimally prepared for the world.


We use Google Analytics and MOZ online tool which always has its pulse on the Google browser algorithm and its most important factors.


We also offer you advanced SEO, which is organized through the improvements of your content. Additionally, we can make sure that your new or optimized content is published.


We test your website speed and eliminate any issues that might weight down the loading of your website. We always aim for the most optimally and quick loading of your web pages.


To sum it up – we take care of technical and content optimization of your website. Additionally, we offer you our digital marketing services that improve your place and ranking on search engine results pages or SERPs.


To make the story even more complete, besides helping you with your organic traffic we also offer you different types of digital advertising (paid traffic). Mostly used and the best-known way to increase your website traffic is through Google AdWords  campaigns.


After fulfilling all the agreed website development tasks we offer our clients further development and maintenance of the website.


We monitor the behavior of the users when on the website, and based on the analysis, we upgrade the site. With professional web optimization, we provide the constant growth of your website and your business.


We also offer our clients the possibility to maintain their website themselves. We are very transparent about the ownership, domain, hosting, platform and other specifics related to the website. We offer the coaching on how to maintain and update the website.


To make the long story short – we always have your best interests in heart and mind. You will always know who is responsible for what and you will never feel tricked or blindsided.

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